something i wrote when i was 15

will you get me that blank papter over there
so i can draw on it the world
draw it in dispair
hand me that blank paper
so i can write a song
will you hand me that blank paper
so i can burn it all to hell
i'll sweep up the ashes
after i set it ablaze
i'll sweep up my blank paper
i'll sweep it all away
i'll draw on it my heart
mended and nice
and hand it to a stranger to rip it all apart
running legs to gather the remainings
of what once was my blank paper

lol, do you ever clean your room and just find old crap you wrote or drew? its weird.


give me hands that can change the world
give me a life i'll once adore
give me the chance to call you my own
please will you tell me im not alone

all the windows opened for the wind to blow in
the lightning struck as the people ran
the night life ended
as the sun arose
all those party peole passed out
as the early coke blowers blew

i sat in my room
i read that sad book
i looked at my cieling
i looked at the clock, as it read half pass 2
i looked in the mirror and wondered
if the world was just a little bit different
would life let me be with you

another day alone
another step i keep taking
one more time i'll look back
i'll see your face and remember what i had
i'll see your face and know
i'll never get you back


i wrote this today

Well I was called bipolar
But I prefer unique
Always run’n the wrong way
Just too afraid to speak

Being the proto-type for distraught
All my stories categorized fiction
Funny all being true happenings
I guess my life’s just at odds

The kids they call me liar
Confused why they don’t use my real name
Mother says ignore them
These kids, yea they’re all the same

Well I was called bipolar
Yea but I prefer unique
This world is fucking disparaging
Just try’n to find a thing called love

Drunk with hate
Yea these kids are mean
Just wanna love yea just wanna love
That’s my, oh that’s my sublime

They wanna call me retard
Yea but I prefer special
My days are spent alone
Always a product of indivisual
An indivisual I shall be

Yea the kids they call me unique
But I prefer bipolar
I call those kids the liars
They want me to use there real names

They’re the products of losers
I was always the proto type for cool
Yea they cant be me
They cant just beat the odds

I go to all the parties
They like to sit home and dream
They dream the dreams of fitting in
Yea they dream of being me

Yea being me
Yea being me
The kids they call me bipolar
But see I prefer unique

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i finally developed the pictures of the rain i took a while ago..they came out most excellent. im happy.
"a friend in need is a friend indeed a friend with weed is better, a friend in need is a friend indeed my japanese is better" <--im listening to this song. lol.
dont kiss him unless your willing to fall
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I got a new car yesterday..which made it the best easter of my life. yeayyy!!!
now i can drive my whores around town. <3 ive decided to cut back on the bad choices im making in life..i just need to get my life back you know?
im a junk yard full of false stars, and i dont need your permission
will you be there when push comes to shove?


Her manic depressive bullshit is launching is way through the cold air
Walking on the sharpest egg shells of my life
All the way around her anatomy
Waiting for her to scream or complain
Thinking “oh god why”
Thinking “I’d rather be with anyone, anywhere”
Begging for the permission to just lay down and die
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Salvadore Dali

I got this great book on Salvadore Dali. I love his art, i think he's a genious. (My dad just thinks he was on drugs)In some of the paintings its one of those things where if you look at it with the naked eye and keep walking, you see a basic picture, but if you really stare at it, what you thought were just shadows on the ground are actually smaller people, and the one faces you saw is actually 2 or 3 faces, its great. He says "Just act like a genious, and then you are one!" So guys im now a genious. =)
two things i need
a battery for my camera
a boyfriend